MCDC’s SBA Lender Conference

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MCDC’s Inaugural SBA Lender Conference was a huge success! Over 160 attendees! Thank you to all the attendees, speakers and vendors for their contribution, presence and participation.

September 2023 Newsletter

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This annual outing is one of the ways we say “Thank You” to lenders that partner with us in assisting small businesses with financing. Bring us a project and reserve your place in next year’s outing! Enjoy the video.

Understanding Small Business Qualification in the State of Michigan

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Are you starting a new business in Michigan, or does it seem like you have plateaued and you can’t get much more successful? Small Business Qualification can help you apply for and receive small business start-up loans that may help you out in many ways. Here’s what you need to know about small business criteria, … Continued

Why Is Michigan an Ideal State to Start a Small Business?

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There’s no denying the outstanding contributions provided by small businesses in this country. These companies have been known to annually create approximately two-thirds of the new jobs for growing populations while providing significant returns from the tax revenues received, all critical to producing a healthy economy. However, there are specific details involved in setting up … Continued

How to Use Startup Loans to Grow Your Business

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The United States is home to more than 33.2 million small businesses, according to Oberlo. Markets are competitive, and each year some businesses fold, but many also thrive. In order to succeed in competitive markets, many businesses take out startup loans. These loans offer entrepreneurs resources, which in turn can be used to build up … Continued

5 Types of Small Business Loans You Need to Know About

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The old adage is you need to spend money to make money. Small business owners understand this principle better than anyone, but when the cash isn’t ready on hand, you might find that you need to take out a business loan. In fact, according to Fundera, 43% of small businesses operating in the U.S. took … Continued

How Small Business Growth Improves Job Opportunities

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Big companies are usually the ones making headlines, but it’s often the small businesses in a community that really make up the backbone of that local economy. It’s estimated that small businesses created 1.6 million jobs in 2019 alone, according to the SBA’s Office of Advocacy. Let’s look more closely at how small businesses affect … Continued

Common Challenges Among Small Business Owners

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Small business owners often face challenges that larger business owners don’t have to deal with. According to Nerd Wallet, when it comes to having their financial needs met, only 48% of the small business owners polled responded affirmatively. Fortunately, business loans in Michigan are available to owners and operators of small businesses through the Small … Continued

Linda Michael

Linda Michael is the 7(a) Associate – 7(a) Lending (SBA). Linda joined the MCDCstaff in the summer of 2023. Linda is responsible for the collection and analysis of documentation and portfolio management for MCDC’s 7(a) Department. Prior to her position with the MCDC, Linda worked in the mortgage and financial services industry for over 20 … Continued