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The SBA 504 Loan Program provides healthy small and medium-sized businesses with long-term fixed rate financing for the acquisition or construction of fixed assets. Projects are financed through a unique public/private partnership that involves private lenders financing 50% of project costs, MCDC covering up to 40% of project costs, and small businesses investing at least 10% of project costs. By taking a secondary collateral position on project assets, SBA provides a “collateral cushion” for the primary lender and reduces the amount of equity normally required of the borrower.

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Airway Lanes

Airway Lanes is an established bowling center that has been in operation since 1961 located in Waterford, MI and recently purchased by Jim Selke with the assistance of the SBA 504 Loan Program.  Airway Lanes offers open and organized leagues of bowling, volleyball, horseshoes, and darts.  There is a lounge and grille on the premises, along with a banquet room that supports private parties.  The facility also has a Tiki bar and dance floor, with new line dancing classes starting in the fall.  The bowling alley has 32 AMF synthetic lanes and has the highest number of published award scores, on a per lane basis, in the area.   Airway Lanes also offers an "in school bowling program", free of charge to local schools and they host many different bowling tournaments and fundraisers throughout the year. 

Airway Lanes is the second bowling center acquired by Mr. Selke and both were acquired with SBA 504 financing.  He is a big fan of the 504 program, which allows him to lock in his financing costs for 20 years at very attractive long term fixed rates.  He can then concentrate on running the business and implementing many fun concepts for his customers to improve their bowling experience.  For more information on Airway Lanes, please visit and for additional information on how Michigan Certified Development Corporation can help fund your business, please visit, Michigan’s #1 SBA Lending Partner!

Algonac Cast, Inc.

Incorporated in 1923, Algonac Cast Inc. is a prime producer of nonferrous castings and finish hardware, engineering, design and production of brass, bronze, copper, manganese, and aluminum alloys.  They are specialists in industrial and marine castings and have a completely equipped wood and metal pattern shop that allows them to produce patterns from print to finish.

Algonac Cast is one of several projects Mason Richards has been involved with that has utilized the SBA 504 Loan Program through MCDC.  This project is for the purchase of a building in Algonac.  With years of experience owning and operating manufacturing businesses, Mason has acquired and turned several companies around for a profit and Algonac Cast is another excellent opportunity to do the same.

For more information on Algonac Cast, please visit and for additional information on how Michigan Certified Development Corporation can help fund your business, please visit, Michigan’s #1 SBA Lending Partner!   To view more profiles, click here

Alkamano P.C. CPA

Ghassan (Jason) Alkamano started his accounting practice in 1998.  His growing CPA practice was running out of room in the office suite that he was leasing.  A small office building in close proximity became available for sale, which provides the practice much needed space and allows for further expansion in the future.  Additionally, the new location has better visibility and better access than the former location making it more convenient for employees and clients alike.  Wary of the disruption of moving during tax season, Mr. Alkamano approached his bank and the MCDC with his concerns about accomplishing the purchase and renovation by the end of January before tax preparation work intensified.  With Mr. Alkamano’s efficient submittal of the information required to make application, his bank and MCDC were able to submit credit applications and have approvals in place within the desired time frames.  Mr. Alkamano is very happy the move is behind him and looks forward to a long and productive stay at this very favorable location.  He is most satisfied with the long term fixed rate financing he has in place, which means he will not have to concern himself with refinancing his bank mortgage for 10 years and never for the SBA portion allowing him to concentrate his efforts on his growing practice.   He currently employs 10 people and will hire 3 more immediately.  He plans to add at least 2 more employees over the next two years.

For more information on Alkamano P.C. CPA , please visit, and for additional information on how Michigan Certified Development Corporation can help fund your business, please visit, Michigan’s #1 SBA Lending Partner!

Alkhamis Financial Group, Inc.

Armed with 25 years of experience within the industry, Zack Alkhamis, CRPC (Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor) has successfully guided and protected clients’ retirement income planning and investment management goals since opening his own financial advisory firm, Alkhamis Financial Group, Inc. in 2003.  His firm prides itself on organic customer growth, that is, the vast majority of the clients were referred by existing clients, friends, and colleagues, with Zack Alkhamis noting that, “In this business, trust is everything…It’s an opportunity to help people prepare for the future and give them a sense of comfort and confidence”.

Since the firm’s formation nearly 10 years ago, Alkhamis Financial Group had leased a 2,500sf office building in Portage, and Zack Alkhamis desired to grow his firm and relocate to a nearby location that offered a larger building footprint and better visibility.  Partnering with his lender from PNC Bank, they swiftly structured a financing arrangement that allowed the firm to construct a new office building on land that Zack Alkhamis had previously purchased.  Ultimately, Alkhamis Financial Group’s offices are now operating in a space that is nearly 70% larger than before, and with additional offices that Zack Alkhamis plans to use with up to six new staff and advisors, to pair with the existing four staff-members with the firm.

You may find additional information on Alkhamis Financial Group, Inc. at and to see how Michigan Certified Development Corporation can help fund your business, please visit, Michigan’s #1 SBA Lending Partner!

All About Furniture, LLC

All About Furniture was formed in 2001 to supply furniture to off campus student housing concerns for the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI.  Sanjay had previously worked as a sales person for an Ann Arbor area furniture retailer prior to starting All About Furniture where he identified a niche in the industry for student housing sales.  Services include design, sales, and installation of furniture to student houses and apartments. 

The SBA 504 Loan Program facilitated the company’s purchase of a building that allowed them to consolidate operations under one roof; and expand their marketing effort with a retail showroom and clearance center.  Prior to purchasing the building the company had the warehouse on the opposite side of town from the office and they had no room for displays. The business owner was not only able to take advantage of a favorable commercial real estate market to acquire the perfect location at a reasonable price, but he was able to do so with 10% down conserving his capital for inventory expansion to stock the new show room.  He is also greatly pleased with his very attractive, low, 20 year fixed interest rate and corresponding 20 year note for the SBA portion of the loan.  Financing concerns are now put to rest and Sanjay can concentrate on running his business.  For additional information on how Michigan Certified Development Corporation can help fund your business, please visit, Michigan’s #1 SBA Lending Partner!