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The calculator can be used to estimate costs related to an SBA 504 Loan. Please complete all of the required information, and then click the "Estimate" button.

Interest Rate
Below market fixed rate. The rate on the SBA 504 portion is set when the SBA sells the debenture to fund the loan. Debenture sales occur monthly for 25-year loans, 20-year loans and bi-monthly for 10-year loans. The rate is then fixed for the term of the loan. SBA 504 Debentures are government guaranteed securities. The effective rate (APR) will include program fees and a loan loss subsidy.

The current 25 year rate is 2.76, the 20 year rate is 2.68, and the 10 year rate is 2.65, for refinance projects add .0015 to the rate chosen.

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This form provides purely ESTIMATED costs. Final rates will not be locked in until the financing is secured. This is not a commitment to lend.