Macatawa Bank

MCDC helped make this project possible and worked side by side with us from beginning to funding. It was nice to have the MCDC team work on the SBA 504 portion to help us put this package together. It was a great team effort.

Consumers Credit Union

Shannon Rocheleau

We really enjoy working with the MCDC team.

Huron Community Bank

John A. Emmendorfer
Executive Vice President/CCO

John and Stacy along with Chris on the 7(a) have been great to work with on this project.

McNally Development, LLC

Ira Green

“We used Firstbank and the SBA 504 Loan Program from MCDC to finance our project on Mackinac Island because the combination worked so well in our prior projects.  It was an easy choice to go with the same winning team for this one,"

JPMorgan Chase

Joe Pichla
Vice President

"JPMorgan Chase was excited to work with Douglas Family Vision, P.C. who has a long history in the Saginaw community to help them expand and grow their business."

Chemical Bank

Kelly Hutchings
Vice President

“Working with MCDC on this project was easy and mutually beneficial for both West Michigan Eye & Laser, P.C. Chemical Bank. The customer benefited from better terms on both the MCDC portion and the bank portion compared to traditional financing.  Another benefit was the smaller equity injection required from West Michigan Eye & Laser.”

FirstMerit Bank

Larry Ehrlinger
Vice President

"Working with the MCDC, we found the ideal program to continue the expansion of a historic Michigan business.  It's been a rewarding project to work on with Eric Kehler at the MCDC, who does a fantastic job of simplifying the process for everyone involved."

River Valley Bank

Michelle Sellers
Vice President

MCDC helped every step of the way through the entire process. Everyone involved has been very impressed with the knowledge and expertise of Darlene Merritt and the entire MCDC staff.

Northstar Bank

Pat McKeon
Vice President

By working with MCDC we helped The Post Local Bistro find the perfect SBA option to help with financing a historic small business in Plymouth. It's been a rewarding project to work on with Jack Johnson at MCDC.


Robert Marschall
Vice President

When Jim and Dennis came to us with their request, their enthusiasm and care for their customers was evident and were excited about the opportunity to come to Ann Arbor. The SBA 504 Loan Program through MCDC was an attractive financing plan they could use.

Independent Bank

Melissa A Marietti-Evans
Vice President

Through the assistance of MCDC, we found the SBA 504 Loan Program (with lower down payments and beneficial long term interest rates) to be the best fit for this startup company. Scott Vroegindewey and the rest of the staff of MCDC was very helpful throughout the process.

Traverse City State Bank

Jeff Rademacher
Assistant Vice President

As a commercial loan officer I'm proud to help a small business succeed because they are critically important to the health of the economy in northern Michigan.

PNC Bank

Karl Jones
Vice President

When Dr. Bosworth contacted me with his request, I knew we wanted to work with him. His care for his patients was evident and the new location would be a nice addition to the Okemos area. After reviewing some options, the SBA 504 Loan Program seemed to be the best fit.

Old National Bank

Jeff Kleinschmidt
Vice President

When Ron, Ed and Mark came to us with their business plan, they were excited about purchasing the old church building on Ann Arbor Street. We knew the SBA 504 Loan Program offered by MCDC would provide low cost financing plus offer the security of the long-term loan as it's amortized over 20 years. We recommended they work with Jack Johnson who took it from there and made it very easy for everyone involved.

1st State Bank

Todd Clements
Senior Vice President

This was a loan that we would have done without the SBA 504; however, Blasius wanted to take advantage of the lower down payment and low long-term rate offered by the SBA 504 Loan Program.

First Federal of Northern Michigan

Jerry Tracey
Senior Vice President

It was a pleasure working with MCDC to put together a financing package that meets the needs of Austin Brothers Beer Company. Darlene knew the programs that were available extremely well and worked with us to complete everything in a timely manner.

Ann Arbor State Bank

Phil Weiss
Vice President, Ann Arbor State Bank

I've partnered with MCDC for many years and they're always willing to go the extra mile to help, so when Oscar approached me I knew MCDC could help with his financing needs. Oscar has run a top notch bicycle shop in Ann Arbor for several years and I knew that the community needed him to continue his presence. I've dealt with Oscar myself for my family's bicycle needs and being familiar with the SBA 504 Loan Program through MCDC, I recognized that they would be able to offer an attractive financing package for Oscar.

FirstMerit Bank

Mike Debri
President, FirstMerit

“When Jack and Kevin came to FirstMerit Bank with their request, I knew we wanted to work with them.  Their enthusiasm and care for their customers was evident and their new location would be a nice addition to the area.  After reviewing some options, the SBA 504 Loan Program seemed to be the best fit for them.”

Mercantile Bank of Michigan

Peter Stalker
Community Bank President, Mercantile Bank of Michigan-Cadillac

"By partnering with MCDC, we were able to develop a financing package that met the needs of Spencer Plastics, allowing them to expand into the Cadillac area to take advantage of the tremendous growth opportunities afforded by the rapidly recovering auto industry. Without the expansion, they simply would not have been able to meet customer demand. Through the expertise and leadership of Darlene Merritt, MCDC helped Spencer Plastics complete this project in a timely and cost effective manner"

Ann Arbor Rental-All LLC

Doug Schoch

The rental business is a seasonal industry and the timing of our acquisition was very important to the success of our company in the first year.  Jack Johnson and the rest of the MCDC team understood the urgency and helped us secure our financing to meet our timelines.  They made our loan process painless and we look forward to working with them on any future projects.

Master Automatic Machine Company, Inc.

Mark Evasic

The company started their business in a small gas station. "My grandparents started with one machine, got some business, then started machining components and we grew from there.   Today Master Automatic is Doing Great Things for Michigan!  We have about 200 employees and we've invested in new technology. Our customers are rewarding us with new business, and with the skilled trades program we've established, it's really helping the company and helping Michigan."

"Our relationship with MCDC came at just the right time, and it was a great one.  They helped us at a time when we need help.  Economic times were difficult." 

MCDC did a great job on pulling this whole thing together and made it very easy for us. It was pretty transparent and we are thrilled today.  We have a 20-year mortgage that was put together in a difficult time period.  We are still happy with it today.  And, we don't have to worry about it anymore.  We can stick to what we know best which is manufacturing and doing good things for the community."

Citizens National Bank

Cyril Drier
Vice President

"The MCDC helped make this project possible and worked side by side with us from the beginning to the debenture funding date.  With the normal construction financing technicalities, it was nice to have the MCDC team work on the SBA 504 portion with minimal effort on our end.  Working with the folks from the MCDC was basically seamless."

Davis Lodging VI, LLC

Kathryn L Flaherty
Controller and New Build Project Manager

“We were extremely pleased with the process of securing our SBA financing through MCDC for our new hotel property that recently opened in Saginaw.  Prior to our relationship with MCDC, we had concerns with the amount of paperwork and the entire process of securing SBA financing. Therefore we were pleasantly surprised with our positive experience and the exceptional service we received from everyone we worked with at MCDC.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with them on future building projects.”

Tapper Ford LLC

Justin Tapper

"The SBA 504 was an excellent program and provided us a great opportunity to take advantage of a long term fixed rate.  The construction process was very smooth with the lender, and MCDC made the process and final conversion seamless.  If the opportunity becomes available for future projects, we would not hesitate to use the SBA 504 Loan Program again." 

Morley Companies Inc.

Dick Mott

"We are Doing Good Things for Michigan by bringing in highly-skilled, well-paid jobs where people will have disposable incomes to spend money within the area.  It's Doing Good Things for Michigan and the Great Lakes Bay area."

"Morley Companies has been around since 1863 and 2013 was our 150 year anniversary.  In 2009, we had a dramatic increase in employees where we gained 375 people.  Since then, we have increased to over 800 new employees.  This doubled our footprint and created another 400-600 jobs associated with that building,"

"The first time we dealt with MCDC was during our building project in 2009.  Our banking institution partnered with MCDC and the process went very smooth. The financing arrangement was very competitive and we had total cooperation from MCDC to complete the deal; and we completed on time."

Penny S. Flury, DDS, PC

Penny S. Flury

Thank you. I feel very fortunate to have my dream office's finances secured with the SBA program. The fixed low rate is very much appreciated.

American Compounding Specialties

Randolph E. Rudisill

You and all of your people have been a pleasure to work with from the very beginning. Please pass my regards on to them.

Ace Companies

Dorie Reid

Ace Companies LLC is a Minority Owned Aluminum Recycling and Smelting Company located in Benton Harbor, Michigan. We were pleased to have the MCDC assist us in obtaining an SBA 504 Loan during our efforts to purchase a plant in Benton Harbor. With the help of the MCDC we were able to develop a banking relationship, complete our purchase, hire 10 employees with plans to add 20 additional workers by December 2006. We would not have been able to complete our purchase without the Skill, Knowledge, and Experience of the staff at the MCDC.

Kalamazoo County State Bank

Jim MacPhee

"The 504 program gave us the opportunity as a small community bank to fund a loan for a new Chevrolet dealership from our area that was previously a forth generation owned business, allowing us to keep it in our community.  This was a win - win for all involved thanks to the MCDC and Scott Vroegindewey for all his expert assistance in bringing this all to fruition."

Wolverine Bank

Lisa Orlando
Loan Sales Manager

"Working with MCDC? It's a piece of cake. Eric Kehler at MCDC made it really simple; he was always there to help. It was a very smooth process overall."

Ark Animal Clinic LLC - Genesis Seven

Dennis Pogarch

Marcia and Feras, Tara and I thank you again for a great experience in helping to finance Genesis Seven and ultimately Ark Animal Clinic.  You both worked so well together and you kept us very well informed throughout the entire (fast) process.  Certainly it appears that the timing of the loan could not have been better with regard to the interest rate!   Hope you both have a good productive year.

Huntington National Bank

Derek Edwards
Vice President and Senior Business Banker

"The process of working with MCDC ran really smooth. Although there were challenges with the building and environmental issues, Mike Ufford handled everything really well. He made sure that the process kept going according to plan, and I was very happy to have been a part of the transaction. I would never hesitate to work with him and MCDC again."

Dr. Kevin P. Cooper DDS, PC

Kevin P Cooper

"Working with MCDC and Old Mission Bank made the idea of building a new, high-tech office for my patients a reality."

Mackinac Island Bike Shop

Ira Green

"Our expansion of the Iroquois Cycle Shop has turned it into a business like none other in the country. Working with MCDC and Citizen's Bank helped me expand my business into Mackinac Island's premier bicycle rental shop."

JPMorgan Chase

Joshua Malkin, VP
SBA Regional Officer for Indiana & Michigan

Here at Chase, we are Michigan's #1 SBA lender. We regularly tap the expertise of the Michigan Certified Development Corporation (MCDC) and our lenders appreciate that expertise and professionalism. The MCDC staff is highly knowledgeable in SBA guidelines and regularly demonstrates a creativeness in getting the deal to the finish line. The MCDC states that customer service is numbers 1 and they prove it with every SBA 504 deal.

Michigan Small Business Technology & Development Center

Christine Greve
Regional Director

The MI-SBTDC is pleased to add the services of the MCDC to its toolkit. Referrals to the organization are answered promptly and professionally by skilled staff. Our clients appreciate the time and effort spent on their behalf by the MCDC staff. Our counselors "call them early" and "call them often" for assistance with SBA 504 lending.


Tim Simpson

"MCDC made the loan process hands-free, allowing me to focus on my business instead of loads of paperwork. Their great service and SBA loans allowed DiggyPOD to expand and prepare for future growth."

The Heritage

Scott Ganton

"MCDC's help made it possible for the Heritage to augment the existing services offered to the seniors in the Battle Creek community,"

Synchron Laser

Brett Moon

"SBA financing through MCDC made it possible to manage our cash flow effectively and move into a new facility. Their assistance made it possible for Synchron Laser to continue growing despite expansion of our facility."


Kevin Caragay
Vice President, SBA Relationship Manager

KeyBank is the10th largest SBA 504 lender in the U.S. and the only Michigan bank in the top 10. We frequently partner with MCDC for SBA 504 loans in Michigan. The MCDC staff is experienced and knowledgeable, responding to our questions and needs quickly and accurately. MCDC has streamlined the 504 approval and closing process so that it is very similar to using conventional financing.

Morley Companies

Paul Furlo
President and CEO

"Working with MCDC and Citizen's Bank was an extremely positive experience. They provided us with a terrific solution to make our expansion happen quickly and we are extremely pleased."

Community Shores Bank

Martin Hililla
Vice President, Commercial Lending

It's helpful to have access to people who can explain how the details of the program apply to the many lending scenarios that arise. MCDC makes the whole process quick, easy & convenient.

AG Manufacturing

Victor Edozien

"Working with MCDC significantly reduced the risk out of investing in my business for Chemical Bank. Without their assistance in securing financing, acquiring my business would not have been possible."